Typical Blacktown Business Network (BBN) Meeting Agenda

  6:00 Pm

Doors open. Start networking with other local business owners. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere that has made BBN the most successful networking organisation in the Greater Blacktown area (still strong and vibrant after more than 17 years).


  6:30 Pm
Welcome by BBN Committee Member

A brief introduction to the night as well as a few facts about the BBN organisation.

  6:40 Pm
Brief Advisory on Getting the most from a networking evening

Experienced members share ideas with each other and people new to networking. the format of this session varies from meeting to meeting.

 6:50 Pm
Introductions to the Group

Every business in attendance presents to the whole meeting a short introduction to their business. A good format is your name, your business name, where you operate, and what is a good prospect for your business. Typically this takes about 30 seconds per business so come prepared to introduce yourself and your business.

This gives everybody the chance to pick who they wish to zero in on later in the meeting.

7:15 pm
A Break to network with others and to snack.

The sponsoring company has paid for some refreshments and snacks. It's the time to focus in upon those you have identified as prospects for your business.


  7:30 PM
Keynote Speaker

The sponsoring company has the privilege of providing a keynote speaker who can present on their business for between 20 and 30 minutes. The most successful format has been where the presentation is not a hard sell but provides education which leads people to want to do business with you.

  8:00 PM
Formal Proceedings Close

Many businesses stay on to network with others for as long as they like. The opportunity to arrange further 1 on 1 meetings or otherwise exchange information goes for as long as you like.

Getting prepared

  Idea 1
Bring plenty of business cards (or have an app that does the same thing as a card). If you have a brochure, bring copies to put on our display table.

You need to let people know you really are in business and a business card is a good start. Anything else that your company provides will help your credibility.

  Idea 2
Don't expect immediate business

It's amazing that people do not quite understand that people only do business with others the Trifecta of KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.

It is rare that this Trifecta can happen at a first meeting, so make a commitment to attend 3 meetings to build up relationships that will lead to business.

  Idea 3
Prepare before you leave home

In addition to the collateral mentioned above in Idea 1, work out who your ideal client will be. this helps you to hone in on the hottest prospect for your business. Not everybody is a prospect.

Our Sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors for making this event FREE to attend

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Blacktown Workers Club
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Parking opposite
in club car park.

Our reason for existence is to help each other in our businesses.