Jeena Joyan, Business Relationships Specialist

Business Relationships Specialist

Every business owner knows that it's far more economical and profitable to build and maintain relationships than to chase around forever finding new contacts. Jeena Joyan is a seasoned marketing professional who believes in bringing the heart back into marketing communications. Jeena knows that the energy of the planet can be changed through gratitude and appreciation and at the same time using Jeena's ideas can transform your business. Jeena's presentation at Blacktown Workers Club on the evening of September 5, 2018 can be your chance to take your business to a whole new level. Small business owners, you need to be there if you are serious about your business.

Extra! Extra!

BBN also has short punchy networking training segment at each meeting. This is presented by one of the BBN committee members. The topic for September is "Eight Strategies for Building Relationships at Networking Events".

Be there! Build new relationships, foster existing relationships, learn more, and promote your business. Be there!