Paul Grant of Spectral Management Systems is our Sponsor and Speaker in April 2019


Paul knows his area of expertise is more of a must have than an exciting to do area. However, he plays on this and makes his talks a bit of fun. You'll learn something about compliance and regulation at Paul's talk.

About Spectral Management Systems

You want a cost effective Management System that provides benefits across the organization, that encourages everyone to use it in a way that ingrains it in the company culture, resulting in staff working more efficiently, effectively and safely.

Your organisations objectives are unique to it's operation, but many want the same outcomes, a few being:

  • Consistency in operation
  • Increased attention to detail
  • Significant reductions in injuries
  • Reduced environmental waste generation / chemical emissions,
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Regardless of the internal or external standard based on, Spectral Management Systems can assist your organisation develop, review or maintain the management system to current certification requirements in a cost effective manner, providing a platform for continual improvement.

If you feel we can help you, please contact us.